Friday, August 1, 2014

Red Sox vs. Braves

I feel fairly certain that I’ve mentioned this before, but my husband is a Red Sox fan. Not like your average “eh…if I watch baseball I’ll cheer for them” but more like a “I live and breathe and die by baseball and I get all the updates on my phone and I watch every game” kind of fan. So, naturally we had to go see them when they were close by playing the Braves on Memorial Day weekend. Yes, Memorial Day. I am way behind in updating the ol’ blog! We had great intentions of spending the night and watching 2 games, but apparently there are a lot of Red Sox fans living in Braves country, because the tickets were sold out faster than we could buy them. Robby’s dad was still able to pull some connections and he got the four of us tickets for the Monday afternoon game.


It was really cool to be there on Memorial Day. They did a whole impressive opening with the national anthem and a bald eagle flying around, a 21 gun salute, and then a flyover by the jets. It was awesome, and since that was just a few days after I found out my brother was going to be deployed of course I cried through the whole thing. 




This is my favorite Red Sox player, Dustin Pedroia. I like him because he’s small but he has so much talent and energy. He hops like this literally every time someone swings at a pitch. I love it. It’s my favorite moment to catch on camera when we go see them play.


Of course, I couldn’t leave out Big Papi. He’s my mother-in-law’s favorite player. He’s funny and can hit bombs like no one else. 3829


Two of my favorite guys. This is literally the only time they will willingly pose for a picture. I got one of them at Fenway from our vacation last year in the same pose. Also, can we talk about how much they look alike?! It’s like looking into the future.


This was also one of my first opportunities to try out my new lens for my camera. I have a 50mm lens that I love but this was my first leap to purchase a lens that wasn’t a kit lens. I love it more than I thought I could! We were way high up in the outfield and I was able to zoom in on this conference at the pitcher’s mound like we were only a couple of feet away.




Poor Ortiz went to hit the ball and fouled one off his own ankle. That face of pain says it all. He’s a champ though, and he came back and hit a home run a couple of innings later.


We got pretty sweaty in the Atlanta sun so Melinda and I walked around underneath the stadium for a while to cool off. This was a great view and had way better picture opportunities. 3843Unfortunately, while we were walking Ortiz hit his home run, so the best shot I could get was of him coming around third and headed for home. It turned out to be one of my favorite pictures though.


We hit a small snag in the game when the skies opened up and dumped buckets of rain everywhere. The game went on a delay, and even though there were lots of people that were trying to wait it out, we ran for cover.


We stayed nice and dry while the rest of those suckers sat in the rain.


We didn’t sit around long. We were tired and hungry and we weren’t really sure if the rain would quit anytime soon, so we left the game before the rain delay ended. We headed over to Pie In the Sky Pizzeria, which is one of our favorite restaurants in Atlanta. There was an episode of Man Vs. Food that was filmed there because their pizza is as big as a trash can lid. You can see that one slice is as big as Robby’s whole forearm!


They have a challenge that you can do where 2 people get to try to eat this whole thing loaded up with like 3 pounds of meat. It’s intense. We chose to just eat a few pieces and take the rest home. I got a nice, tiny gluten free pizza all to myself. It was pretty good. I still wish I could eat the good stuff though. We also got a nice bonus because right about the time that we sat down with our food the rain delay ended on the game. We got to watch the last few innings from the comfort of a dry restaurant and we got to eat, so it was a win all around.


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