Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Lola and Boston

This past weekend was an interesting one, to say the least. We got a call from Robby's aunt about a dog that was at the pound. She had no name, no one knew how old she was or what kind of dog she was, but her tag listed her as "sweet" and "dalmation mix". Because she was listed as a dalmation mix, her fees were paid by a rescue group out of Colorado, and she was set to go to a foster home in another state. However, the new foster family couldn't come get her for a few days because of a snow storm.

We were asked to take her for a day or two until the new family came. I even got to name her. :)

Meet Lola:

She was so scared when I first picked her up. To be honest, she didn't like me very much anyway because she got spayed right before I picked her up. I think she thought it was my fault haha. She was smelly and tiny and wouldn't look at you or let you touch her. It was pitiful. We got her a new collar and gave her a sponge bath as best we could (no real bath because of the stitches she had) and she perked up a little. This was her on the car ride home. Not quite as pitiful as the picture of her in her kennel at the pound.

Even though her card at the pound said dalmation, I think she's probably a pointer/jack russell mix. She has the body type of a small, muscular dog, but the mannerisms of a pointer. When I got her home, I took her out to the bathroom and she heard some birds in the bushes and immediately went on point. It was cute. I didn't think pointers came in black, but I googled it and the picture that came up looked a lot like Lola. I was even more convinced when I got a picture of her at her permanent foster home alongside the 2 dalmations the family already had. She looks nothing like them!

Boston was very interested in her kennel that she had while she was at our house. It was Boston's old kennel, and I didn't realize she had grown so much until I saw her try to squeeze her 55 lb self into a medium sized crate!

Boston was super excited at first, then quickly became jealous, then became a bully. I think by the end of the weekend they were friends, but they had a little bit of a rocky start. When I came in with Lola, Boston was so excited to have another dog in the house to play with.

Then, she realized Lola wasn't going to play back. Even though she was nice and didn't try to growl at Boston or anything, she didn't feel good enough to play. I don't blame her. Boston quickly got put in puppy jail in the other room so she wouldn't hurt Lola by jumping on her.

  I think this picture shows how they felt about each other toward the middle of the weekend. I guess the best word would be ambivalent. Neither one wanted the other one to come too close. They weren't fighting or anything like that, so that was good. Boston just decided that the whole house was hers and Lola wasn't going to be able to do anything. If Lola moved or whined or sat down or did anything, Boston would come push her out of the way to get to the spot or the toy or the food dish first. Lola was a champ though. Haha.

By the end of the weekend, they were able to lay down together and be ok in the same room. I think most of that was sheer exhaustion though. Lola was terrified of being left in a crate and she cried all night Saturday night.

All in all, I'm glad we did it. It was worth it to be able to see Lola go from a terrified little girl to one that would approach you with her tail wagging for a treat or to be petted. 

This is what she looked like when we first picked her up:

And this is after she had been with us for 2 days:

You can't tell a huge difference in the pictures, but she went from looking scared and defeated all the time to looking alert and pretty happy, even with another dog running her in circles all day.

This was a good experience for me as well, because I was utterly convinced that we needed another dog for Boston to play with. We both work full time so she spends about 40 plus hours a week home alone. However, I am inclined to think that Robby is right, adding another dog only multiplies those problems, it doesn't solve them. We would just have 2 dogs at home by themselves during the day. Plus with the amount of time we spent pulling Boston (literally) off of Lola, I don't think it would help Boston get her energy out to have someone to play with. If anything I think it made her more hyper to have another dog in the house because they were both on high alert all weekend. If one dog moved the other dog had to be right there. I know all that would probably get better with time, but for now we are a one dog family and that's ok with me. 

Plus I'm not even going to go into Robby's allergies and how he almost died with all that dander floating through the air! Haha.
I thought it would be fine since we have Boston inside and he's pretty well adjusted to her, but apparently adding another shedding live animal to the mix was too much to handle.  

Boston and I were both pretty sad when Lola left, but I know she went to a really good home and there are lots of calmer, older animals for her to play with. Everything is pretty much back to normal at our house now, and we are all pretty happy about that. 

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