Friday, July 19, 2013

Boston Photo Dump

Warning: this is a long post with lots of pictures of my dog.  If you're looking for serious or interesting content it might be found somewhere else on the internet. But if you like cute dogs, keep reading. :)

Last time I put pictures of the pup on here, she was looking like this:

But she grew up! She's huge and she's not even done growing! It's hard to think she went from the little fuzzball in the above pictures to giant pawed puppy below. She's at that awkward stage where she trips over her own feet a lot but she's still super cute and able to fit (barely) in my lap. 

She's still pretty small in these two pictures because they are a few months old. The ones at the end are more recent.

 Her favorite thing to do is paw you in the face. I laid down for a minute to pop my back and she promptly jumped on me and gave me a "face-five".

 The only thing better than jumping on people, biting, and pulling things off any counter she can reach is when her daddy comes home. This dog loves Hubster. As in, you will see several pictures in this post of her waiting by the door for him to come home.

This is a picture of a picture that I was editing on my computer, so it's blurry and poor quality, but it makes me laugh every time. This is typical Boston; 100 mph with her ears flying everywhere. 

And this is her sweet, calm side that you get to see when she finds a stick to chew on or when she's heavily medicated. Not that we drug her to make her calm.

We had to go out of town for Hubster's grad school class for 2 weeks, and I feel silly typing this, but we Facetimed the dog while we were gone. It made us laugh but it confused the heck out of her! She kept running around barking and looking for us. 

 She did like the T-shirt we brought her back. Oh man, I just realized we are now those people. The ones who bring their hedgehog to a hotel for 2 weeks and who Facetime their dog and bring her presents. Oh well. It could be worse.

 I told you she was getting big. Look at those paws!

This was hilarious. This is how she fell asleep on me the night we came home. I think she was exhausted!

This is the most recent one from a couple of nights ago. It makes me want to paint the paneling in the whole house because with the exception of the iPhone in Hubster's hand, this looks like it could have been taken 30 years ago. I still love it though.