Monday, May 6, 2013

Gone Muddin'

You may have noticed a trend that is starting to sweep the nation. 5k runs are the new lazy Saturdays. Especially the themed 5k runs. I've seen Color Runs, Tough Mudders, and even Zombie Runs. For the life of me I don't understand why someone would pay good money to be chased by people who give me nightmares, but that Husband of mine has a thing for adrenaline inducing situations.

I think it's great he wants to be healthy and all, but seriously, can't we just lay around and get fat like everyone else? Apparently not. Sigh.

So, much to my chagrin and his excitement, we spent last weekend in Georgia at a mud run called the Superhero Scramble. His job was running in the actual event, and my job was standing in the mud and waiting for him to run by so I could take pictures. Little did I know that there were professional photographers there and they were taking better pictures that were free. Oh well!

There is a group of guys in our Sunday School class that likes to hang out together and do this kind of crazy stuff, so there were four guys that made up the Hubster's team last weekend. It was fun to hear them talking about what happened at some of the obstacles farther back in the course that we couldn't see.
This was the Muddy Lips obstacle. You had to belly-crawl (or barrel roll, depending on your preference) through muddy trenches that had barbed wire strung across the top. Yikes. At the last obstacle course run they did back in October, this was the obstacle that got Hubster. He came home with a gash down his back from getting up too soon. This time he came out unscathed though.

This one doesn't look that bad in the picture. But in person, it was a 30 foot jump into 15 feet of icy water. The platform you see in the background here is only the bottom of the platform they actually had to jump off. There were a lot of people that chose to go around this obstacle, and I don't blame them. We saw a couple of people that had to be rescued out of this pit.

Here is the whole team that ran with the Hubs. I think they had fun. Don't they look so cute holding hands? :) He might kill me for that one.

 This slide ended in a slime pit, so you can see them all starting to brace themselves for the impact. I love how they all have their eyes closed and mouths open. I would have been screaming and tucked in the fetal position.

 Ok, I just had to put this one in. It makes me laugh every time. Hubster is the one on the far left.

 And, just in case you thought that slide didn't look so bad, here's the view from the top:
 I certainly wouldn't have gone down it! That's the real reason that I was on the sidelines instead of running. Everyone would have known how big of a chicken I am when it comes to heights.

Here he is at the finish line. The last thing you had to do was make it past some marines that wanted to take you out with these punching bags. Luckily, by the time our team made it to the end, the marines had been replaced by volunteers that didn't care quite as much.


 The lovely Chloe, who volunteered to pass out medals to the runners. She's a trooper. Notice how muddy she is and she didn't even run!

I think one of the coolest things that we saw all day was this team:

 If you look closely, you will notice that the guy standing up in the Superman cape has a prosthetic leg, and the guy in the middle in the Superman cape is in a wheelchair. This team was awesome. They attached a rope to the wheelchair and pulled him 4.5 miles through the mud, and he had crutches that he used to get out and do the obstacles himself. 

 Here's the guy in the wheelchair coming down the slide. I was super impressed by this whole team. It almost inspired me to get off the couch and run one myself. Almost.

 Maybe I'll start with something smaller first, like a walk-a-thon (do people do those anymore?) or a 5k. Or maybe I'll curl up on the couch with a cookie and watch a movie. :)

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  1. Chris really wants to do one of these! He said he's going to start training. I think I'll be joining you in the walk-a-thon or movie cookie plan though :)