Monday, April 15, 2013

Our Respite Girls

We actually ended up getting the respite placements for this past weekend. We had a blast. Well, I had a blast. The Hubster was a little disappointed that he didn't get to go to the movies like we had originally planned when we thought it was just going to be us. (But I'm planning to surprise him tonight or tomorrow and take him so hopefully that will make up for it!)

We got two precious little girls...let's call them Princess (6 years old) and Firecracker (3 years old), because that would definitely describe their personalities. The weekend started off with them not being too sure about us, but by the end I think we were all upset that they had to leave.

The first tip I would give for anyone who is just getting started fostering (or even anyone who has been doing it a while) is to get a tub of Legos. We don't have a whole lot of toys in our house, and the toys and books we do have are mainly geared for both genders. Last weekend when my mom came to visit she brought us a huge tub of Legos that we collected over the years as kids. They were a big hit. All the girls wanted to do was build with Legos and read books. (Obviously this may not work for every kid, but it could work for a wide variety of ages and both genders).

We spent some time on Saturday at a special event that was sponsored by my work, and there were inflatables for the kids and they could get tours of the firetrucks and ambulances that were there. It was really fun. We also spent a lot of time at the pond across from our house feeding the ducks, and we took them to my in-law's house to see the horses. Sunday was spent at church and eventually taking the girls back to their foster parents. Even though it was only a few days, I think we all fell in love with them. Our house is back to being quiet now, which is nice but it's also a little sad. I really enjoyed hearing giggles and cartoons and running feet all weekend. Sadly, the girls are set to go to a pre-adoptive home, so we probably will never see them again. It's sad, but I'm glad that we got to meet them and hopefully love on them enough that they won't forget us for a while. I know I won't forget them.

Some of my favorite things that I want to remember:

  • They each interpreted Prickles' name a different way. One called her Frickles, and one called her Sprinkles. I don't think she minded.
  • While feeding the ducks: 
           Me: Don't eat the bread girls, it's old. It's only for the ducks.
           Princess: Ducks like old bread?
           Me: I guess so...
           Firecracker: If I eat duck bread I will be old?!?!
  • Both girls were pretty unsure about men in general, but as my father in law was leaving, Firecracker literally jumped out of my arms and chased him down for a hug. As he walked out the door, she whispered, "Bye Papaw". Oh yeah I cried like a baby after that one. 

The hardest part was giving them back. I don't know if they are in a good home or not. They seemed ok until I met the dad. The girls definitely acted scared of him and that broke my heart. I do know that the description their foster parents gave me of the girls was completely opposite of the two happy, loving girls I saw all weekend. I hope their new adoptive home is a great one and that it's full of love.


  1. I'm glad to hear a happy report about your respite girls! I'm sure you'll never forget them and if you're like me, you probably took way too many pictures just in case your memories fade a little bit. :)

    We are planning to do respite for a weekend for an 11-year-old girl. Her foster mom is a friend of my mom's and we met her last summer when she first came into care. I'm nervous and excited. (There is more to the story, as always I guess…) Still no calls here either! I'm wondering if it has anything to do with all the state-wide DCS drama?

    1. I definitely took too many pictures! Can't wait to hear how your respite weekend goes!