Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Not Much Going On Here

Except that I found Sheldon Cooper.
And my mom and brother came :) He is going to be coming to college here in the town where I live and I'm so excited!

Also, since we STILL (grr) haven't gotten any placement calls, Prickles is receiving more than her fair share of attention around our house. I don't think she's thrilled. She likes to be left alone. But I force her to snuggle with me and lately she's getting to be pretty good at it. If I hand her over to the Hubs she squirms and squirms, but with me she will sneak up on my shoulder and fall asleep every time.
I've been having lots of brain dead moments lately, and the other night I put my contacts in the case with no contact solution and left them overnight. Needless to say you can't bring them back to life after that, so I'm stuck with glasses until May when insurance will pay for more. Boo.

The good thing is that I have been working on getting more stuff up on our walls at home. I made a frame for all of my Instagram shots. This worked out perfectly because I wanted something where I could change out pictures easily and cheaply and also where I didn't have to go buy a million tiny frames and nail holes in the wall for each one. I got the idea from Ana White's website and I know the whole point of her stuff is to build it yourself, but I didn't feel like putting in that much work. So honestly, I took a shortcut and bought an unfinished wood frame without the glass at Hobby Lobby (at 50% off) for $20. Then I just nailed in some short nails and wound jute string around them. A couple of pictures and mini-clothespins later and voila!

That's as close as you will get to a tutorial around here. But if I can figure it out so can you. ;) Here's what the rest of the wall is looking like. Don't mind the 2 blank canvases on the gallery wall on the right. I have plans for those, just not the time to complete said plans.

And last but not least, a little shot of our duck pond on my morning drive to work. It looks a lot different now that they scalped all the Bradford Pear trees in the background. Normally this time of year it's an explosion of little white flowers. It sure does smell better this year though because all of those little flowers really stink.

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