Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I just realized it's been over a week since I've written anything here. Time flies! I have decided that getting a puppy is a lot like getting a baby. With a lot of obvious differences of course.

Before I get into all that, I should introduce you to our puppy officially. We named her Boston (because my husband is a Red Sox fanatic, not because of the marathon bombings). Our best friends went with us to pick her up and they fell in love with her sister. They brought their puppy home that same day and named her Summit (for Pat Summit because they are big UT fans). Unlike her sister, Boston is really chill. She doesn't howl or bark all night, she doesn't bite everyone or act aggressive, and she likes loves to cuddle. She is learning how to pee on a puppy pad and how to sit on command. She's doing good at both thankfully. 

But, I've also decided that having a puppy is a lot like having a baby. You have to get up earlier because a puppy's bladder is small and you can't expect them to hold it from 10 pm until 8:30 the next morning when you normally wake up. You clean up a lot of pee and poop. Everywhere. All the time. Even though Boston is pretty good about holding it and she's learning to use a puppy pad while she is inside, there are a lot of accidents.

The good news is that my husband is normally highly allergic to dogs and cats. But Boston's been inside for over a week now and he's doing great! We went to his parent's house last night and he got really sick after being there with their dog for an hour, which I thought was really funny because he has no problems at home. I'm hoping that it will last and that it's not just because Boston's so small.

Friday, April 19, 2013

And Then There Were 4

Four of us that is. :) No, I'm not pregnant.


So now, there are 2 fur babies and two adults in our house. Me, the Hubster, Prickles, and our newest addition, a little blue tick/blue heeler mix named Boston. She is the sweetest little girl ever. Yes, I said girl. That means poor Hubs is now even more outnumbered by estrogen in our house!

She's going to be an outside dog, because his allergies are so bad he would probably keel over if she slept inside. But, I'm sure there will be many days when I can sneak her in for a little while as long as scrub the house really really well afterwards. (Thank goodness for hardwood floors!)

We get to pick her up in an hour. I am so excited I can't stand it. Here are the only pictures I have so far, but believe me when I say there will be plenty more to come.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Our Respite Girls

We actually ended up getting the respite placements for this past weekend. We had a blast. Well, I had a blast. The Hubster was a little disappointed that he didn't get to go to the movies like we had originally planned when we thought it was just going to be us. (But I'm planning to surprise him tonight or tomorrow and take him so hopefully that will make up for it!)

We got two precious little girls...let's call them Princess (6 years old) and Firecracker (3 years old), because that would definitely describe their personalities. The weekend started off with them not being too sure about us, but by the end I think we were all upset that they had to leave.

The first tip I would give for anyone who is just getting started fostering (or even anyone who has been doing it a while) is to get a tub of Legos. We don't have a whole lot of toys in our house, and the toys and books we do have are mainly geared for both genders. Last weekend when my mom came to visit she brought us a huge tub of Legos that we collected over the years as kids. They were a big hit. All the girls wanted to do was build with Legos and read books. (Obviously this may not work for every kid, but it could work for a wide variety of ages and both genders).

We spent some time on Saturday at a special event that was sponsored by my work, and there were inflatables for the kids and they could get tours of the firetrucks and ambulances that were there. It was really fun. We also spent a lot of time at the pond across from our house feeding the ducks, and we took them to my in-law's house to see the horses. Sunday was spent at church and eventually taking the girls back to their foster parents. Even though it was only a few days, I think we all fell in love with them. Our house is back to being quiet now, which is nice but it's also a little sad. I really enjoyed hearing giggles and cartoons and running feet all weekend. Sadly, the girls are set to go to a pre-adoptive home, so we probably will never see them again. It's sad, but I'm glad that we got to meet them and hopefully love on them enough that they won't forget us for a while. I know I won't forget them.

Some of my favorite things that I want to remember:

  • They each interpreted Prickles' name a different way. One called her Frickles, and one called her Sprinkles. I don't think she minded.
  • While feeding the ducks: 
           Me: Don't eat the bread girls, it's old. It's only for the ducks.
           Princess: Ducks like old bread?
           Me: I guess so...
           Firecracker: If I eat duck bread I will be old?!?!
  • Both girls were pretty unsure about men in general, but as my father in law was leaving, Firecracker literally jumped out of my arms and chased him down for a hug. As he walked out the door, she whispered, "Bye Papaw". Oh yeah I cried like a baby after that one. 

The hardest part was giving them back. I don't know if they are in a good home or not. They seemed ok until I met the dad. The girls definitely acted scared of him and that broke my heart. I do know that the description their foster parents gave me of the girls was completely opposite of the two happy, loving girls I saw all weekend. I hope their new adoptive home is a great one and that it's full of love.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Just Got a Call

Just for respite care, but that's better than nothing!! It would be 2 girls, just for the weekend. We are the back-up family, so I'm not holding my breath.

At least I know they didn't forget about us.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Not Much Going On Here

Except that I found Sheldon Cooper.
And my mom and brother came :) He is going to be coming to college here in the town where I live and I'm so excited!

Also, since we STILL (grr) haven't gotten any placement calls, Prickles is receiving more than her fair share of attention around our house. I don't think she's thrilled. She likes to be left alone. But I force her to snuggle with me and lately she's getting to be pretty good at it. If I hand her over to the Hubs she squirms and squirms, but with me she will sneak up on my shoulder and fall asleep every time.
I've been having lots of brain dead moments lately, and the other night I put my contacts in the case with no contact solution and left them overnight. Needless to say you can't bring them back to life after that, so I'm stuck with glasses until May when insurance will pay for more. Boo.

The good thing is that I have been working on getting more stuff up on our walls at home. I made a frame for all of my Instagram shots. This worked out perfectly because I wanted something where I could change out pictures easily and cheaply and also where I didn't have to go buy a million tiny frames and nail holes in the wall for each one. I got the idea from Ana White's website and I know the whole point of her stuff is to build it yourself, but I didn't feel like putting in that much work. So honestly, I took a shortcut and bought an unfinished wood frame without the glass at Hobby Lobby (at 50% off) for $20. Then I just nailed in some short nails and wound jute string around them. A couple of pictures and mini-clothespins later and voila!

That's as close as you will get to a tutorial around here. But if I can figure it out so can you. ;) Here's what the rest of the wall is looking like. Don't mind the 2 blank canvases on the gallery wall on the right. I have plans for those, just not the time to complete said plans.

And last but not least, a little shot of our duck pond on my morning drive to work. It looks a lot different now that they scalped all the Bradford Pear trees in the background. Normally this time of year it's an explosion of little white flowers. It sure does smell better this year though because all of those little flowers really stink.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

In This Corner....

Introducing, my "nephew," H. 

Sorry about the picture quality. It's a picture of a picture on my computer but it's all I had.
If I ever decide to start a baby fight club, this guy will be on my main card. Seriously. He's determined he wants to be a fighter when he grows up. We got out the MMA gloves last time he stayed with us and the Hubs taught him a few moves. I think it's funny that he wants to be a fighter because I have never in my life met a more kind-hearted, tender boy. I've never seen him throw a punch, and he doesn't even fight back when his little brother kicks the stuffing out of him.

His little brother on the other hand, is a different story. That kid would pick a fight with a lion just to beat something up.

*I do not advocate for child fighting nor do I sponsor any type of baby fight club.
I do, however, like to play around in photoshop more than I probably should. :)

We love, love, love both of these boys though. They are our best friends' kids, and they let us play aunt and uncle and spoil the crap out of them. We hype them up on sugar and send them home, and we buy ridiculous stuff for them on birthdays and at Christmas just because we can. It's pretty fun.

Monday, April 1, 2013


Today I'm listening to some easy happy music and staring out the window of the office wishing spring could leak in through the cracks.

I get to see my family on Friday!

Also, I got a new app for my phone that takes fantastic pictures. If you have an iPhone you should get it because it's completely worth the $0.99. It's called Camera+ and it lets you select the focal point and the exposure points separately like a DSLR would. (that's not sponsored it's just a cool app).

Here are some pictures from our Easter that I took on my phone using this app.

Reflection of the trees in the creek

Me and the Hubs