Thursday, March 14, 2013

Update on Hope

I feel like a more appropriate title would be, "We Are Still Completely in the Dark".

I'm calling this an update just because I haven't posted one, but the reason for that is that we are really still very much out of the loop.

The sister did not go to her grandmas house today. Since grandma is from another state, there is more that has to be done before the judge will send her to live there. Grandma has to get a homestudy done (and pass) and there is a lot of extra paperwork.

At this point that's all the concrete info I have been given.

If I fill in the blanks with speculation, I would say both girls will probably be moved to a foster home that will take them both. Then, if the sister ever does go to grandmas, that family will still probably keep Hope.

At this point we are moving on (at least mentally) which is a relief. Now we can look forward to new placement calls.

Of course if they ever did call us about taking Hope back we would do it in a heartbeat. Like a hot NY minute.

But for now, I think I'll go paint something and clean the house. Maybe I'll enjoy the quiet and pretend I didn't want a baby today anyway thankyouverymuch. :/

Update on the update: both girls are going to a home together. While it's sad that we wont get Hope back, I'm glad knowing that they are going someplace safe. Also, we found out about a TON of drama that is happening with this case (people are suing each other and there are accusations of crimes being committed) so we are happily out of the circle of crazy.

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