Friday, February 22, 2013

She's Gone

Well, things have been happening in a whirlwind here the last two days.

We showed up at the visit, but Hope's mom was a no-show. Then, we had a meeting with Hope's 2 year old sister the other night. We had pretty much made up our minds already that this was something we couldn't possibly do, but we wanted to meet her just in case. It worked out because the sister's foster mom stayed and chatted with us and gave us lots more info about the birth parents.

When we officially told the caseworker that we couldn't take both kids, they started looking for another home for both girls. At that point, the foster family that has Hope's sister volunteered to take Hope instead of DCS finding another home somewhere else.

So, yesterday at about 4:45 I got a call from DCS saying that they wanted to move Hope over to the foster family that already has her sister. They wanted her moved last night. So, we got all of her stuff packed up and handed her over to the other foster mom about 2 hours later.

To say it was a shock that she was leaving that fast was an understatement. I knew they were planning to move her, but we figured it would be next week at the earliest. Hopefully this move was truly in the best interest of both girls and not just the best interest of DCS. We will see.

For now, our hearts are a little heavier, and our house is a lot quieter, but at least we got some sleep last night.

I'm trying to look at the bright side.

If you asked me yesterday what my weekend plans were, it would be to catch up on sleep. Today, my weekend plans include staying busy and packing up a crap ton of baby stuff. Fun times.

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