Thursday, February 14, 2013

Introducing Hope (Part I)

Now that I've kept you guys on pins and needles for the past week, it's time to introduce you to our newest family member! Unfortunately all I can give you here are teaser pictures because I certainly can't show you her face, but imagine the cutest baby in the world and you've got her.

I promised the story of how she came to be ours (temporarily), so hang on to your pants because this is an incredibly wild, incredibly wonderful God story. 

So, last Friday, we were going about our normal everyday lives, and I was starting to get a little excited because every single call we have gotten about a foster placement has come on either a Thursday or a Friday. I was hoping the trend would continue, and when I saw an unknown number on my phone my heart started doing flip flops. Sure enough, it was a matcher for CPS calling us about a sibling group of two. The first baby is going to turn 2 years old next month, and the second baby was only 4 days old and still in the hospital! I had to take a minute to pick my jaw up off the floor, make sure I had heard correctly, and then whip the car around and drive across town to the Hubster's office.

Now, here's where it gets interesting. Y'all know we were only supposed to be taking 5-12 year olds right? Well, there was a reason for that. My sweet husband was very vocally adamant that he did NOT want to do babies. He did not feel comfortable changing diapers, giving bottles, and he wasn't wild about the idea of not being able to talk to the child to figure out what was wrong if they were crying. So... I just knew that if this was something that was God-orchestrated that my husband was going to have to have a really quick and really dramatic change of heart. I immediately called my mom and texted a friend asking for prayer as I drove.

I got to the Hubs' office, and when I relayed the details about the call, he was shaking his head NO before I could even finish. He gave me a long list of very good reasons we could not accept a newborn placement.

  • We both work full time and you can't just put a newborn in daycare
  • We had literally NOTHING that we would need in order to take care of a baby. No clothes, no crib, no car seat, no bottles, no diapers, etc. etc. 
  • We were definitely not prepared to take two kids under the age of 2!
These were all valid reasons, and I knew that I would be the one who would let my emotions take over and not be very rational about it at all, so on the way over I had also been praying that if this wasn't meant to be that God would shut the doors very clearly and that I would be willing and able to accept that.

However, when Hubs said no, I still felt like we needed to call the social worker back and just see what they would be willing to do to help us before we said no. He agreed that it was a good idea to call back, but he said if she wasn't willing or able to help us then the answer would be a firm no.

So I called back. I was honest with her. I started out by telling her we really weren't prepared for a newborn (which she already knew) and that we definitely couldn't take both sisters right now at the same time. She told me that the older girl is already in foster care with another family, so that transition wouldn't have to be made right away- it could be something we could ease into. She also told me that because of the trouble the sister had with attaching to her current foster family, they may not want to move her at all, and if they did it would take a while. Then, I told her that we both work full time and there was no way that one of us could have several weeks off until the baby was old enough for daycare.

She said, "I thought you might say that, so I already lined you up a babysitter."

Picture me picking my jaw up off the floor.

Here's the kicker: the babysitter is my mother-in-law's friend. She's been a foster parent for several years now, so she's already been fingerprinted and background checked. She knows the in's and out's of the system and has been a great resource and encouragement for us as we don't know what we are doing. And, meeting her foster kids last summer was the catalyst that launched us into the world of foster care! Too cool right?

So, I told her I would check with my husband and call back. Neither of us could deny that God had just opened a door that we asked Him to either open or shut.

The story doesn't end there! Click here to read part 2!

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