Thursday, January 31, 2013


Last night was very exciting around our house!

We got a call to take seven year old twins. TWINS. 7-year olds. Boys. I thought the Hubs was going to have a heart attack. He kept saying "I think I might throw up..."

Long story short, they found a relative to take the boys, so we didn't get them. However, there was a 2 hour break between the time we said yes to taking them and the time when they found a relative. Needless to say, we were teetering on the edge between excitement and total freak-out for a little while there.

If you want an adrenaline rush, that's a great way to get one. We have never in our lives cleaned the house so fast.

By the way mom, thanks for laughing when I called you. She heard seven year old boys and cracked up.

Fun times. Now I can't wait to get a placement that actually works out. Also, I feel like I need to start stocking up on kids underwear and socks. ASAP. We realized that if they had come, we would have had to run to WalMart at like 11:00pm so they could have clean underwear and socks.

Also, holy wow we have an incredible group of friends in our Sunday school class. Our class has a Facebook wall, so I put on there that we had gotten a call and could use the prayer. Within five minutes my phone was ringing off the hook with friends offering to bring dinner or help us get them clothes or just to say they were praying. You guys are awesome and we love you!!

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