Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Susan Komen Run (and Halloween)

Contrary to what the title of this post might lead you to believe, the Susan Komen run was not on Halloween, I just lumped all of the recent activities around here into one large, picture happy post.

First of all, can I just say I love fall and I LOVE the mountains. My whole ride was spent in complete awe of how incredible our Creator is!
Last weekend I went home to NC to participate in a 5k that benefits the Susan Komen foundation. You may remember this post about my sweet aunt who went to be with Jesus a couple of months ago. She had been fighting cancer for a long time, and every year she participated with a team of family and friends in this race. This year our family and her friends made up one of the biggest teams they had in the race that wasn't a coporately sponsored team.

Here are 3 of my brothers and one of my cousins, waiting for the timed run to begin. Forgive the iPhone blurry shots :)

The race went really well. Some of us participated in the timed run (not me) and some of us walked (me) but we all finished the race (all 3.1 miles of it!!) and I think we all had fun doing it. It was a great way to honor the memory of such a special lady.

My mom and Amy

The next day we had a birthday party for my Papaw. I can't believe he's 70! Although most people in their 20's have grandparents that are much older, so I'm counting myself blessed. I love his property, and the sun started going down with a beautiful display of colors that I just had to catch. 

This is an iPhone picture with no filter on it. How awesome is our God? He paints the best pictures! 

Same sunset, just a little bit later in the evening.

My other aunt and my mom.
All in all, it was a great weekend and I had a great time getting to see all of my family. I have gotten so used to getting to see them every few weeks that I'm not sure what I'm going to do when I have to go back to not seeing them as often!

NOW..... for the Halloween part of the post. :)

I have NO idea how this happened, because 1.) I am the biggest scaredy cat in the history of the world, and 2.) we didn't really go all out for Halloweed or watch scary movies when I was a kid, but

I should probably clarify that by saying that I love to open the door to trick or treaters in their cute costumes and I love the slight chill in the air, and I love to put out fun (not scary) decorations. I'm not a fan of scary movies, witches, ghosts, bloody stuff, zombies, or vampires... so I guess that doesn't leave a whole lot to really celebrate. Mostly I like to give out candy and sit with a nice fire in the fireplace.
This year I got into the pumpkin carving contest that our Sunday School class was having, and I didn't go into the activity with a defined plan for what to carve on my pumpkin, so I ended up with a scary pumpkin-headed scarecrow that I saw on the internet. I think he turned out pretty good!

The only downside is that he didn't last until Halloween. Not even close. I had to throw him away 2 weeks ago. Poor Pumpkin.

I did get this awesome door cling from Dollar Tree though. It is supposed to look like a witch crashed into our door. I know I said I don't like witches, but this thing is pretty cute and it makes me laugh.

These last pictures I couldn't help but post. I mean, how adorable is this? My hedgehog is a pretty ballerina for Halloween. I would love for her to help me give out candy, but she's more afraid of her own shadow than I am. I'm pretty sure opening the door with her every 5 minutes to kids screaming for candy would push her over the edge into a nervous breakdown!

 The tutu is also really wayy to big for her tiny body, even though the strips of tule are only like 1/2" long!
Oh the sweetness :) I love this prickly little girl. I'm glad she lets me do crazy stuff like this. She will probably need therapy from this though.

My mom told me I should start a blog about
how to torture your hedgehog. 

Stay tuned for that one. ;)

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