Tuesday, April 10, 2012


This past week has been a time for remembering. My heart needed to re-mind itself what Holy Week is all about. I spent time reading the story of the crucifixion and the resurrection, but these weren’t just stories this year. This year it was real.  

I thought about it as I pulled weeds. I spent hours battling the results of this sin curse. The briars scratched and pricked my skin as I pulled them out of the ground. As the crimson drops pooled on my arms, I thought about a Man who didn’t deserve to have a thorn-crown hammered on his head. I thought about the significance of the crucifixion happening during the Passover, when custom dictated a lamb be killed in remembrance of when the death angel passed-over the Israelites in Egypt. He was my sacrificial lamb. 

I remember and I picture the blood from His sacrifice spread across the door posts of my heart. I am marked for eternity; the enemy cannot have this heart. 

You are the King enthroned.

Holy week is over, but the reminders are still fresh in my memory. I spent this past week thinking about the ways you were humiliated, beaten, and broken for me. On Sunday, you came as king. The Jews put their hope of overthrowing Rome in You. They didn’t know You came as a different kind of Savior. By Friday, they came armed with swords and begged a ruler they didn’t even like for Your death. They still called you king, but this time it was only in the mocking words nailed above Your head. Three days later, the empty tomb sat gaping, revealing what we have celebrated, what our whole faith is based around; the grave could not hold this King.

All of that, for sinners.

I am reminded of Your Kingship today as I read Old Testament words. You were the King who sat enthroned between the cheribum on the Ark of the Covenant, yet today You are the King who sits enthroned at the right hand of the Father. I praise you, King of righteousness, King of glory. You are the only King who deserves a crown and a throne in heaven. You are the only King who would humble himself to die for the unworthy. Thank you.

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