Sunday, March 4, 2012

Tornadoes Again!

Well, we have been at it again. It seems like we barely get one mess cleaned up and another comes hurling in at 90 miles an hour. Literally. We have had another round of killer tornadoes this past friday. I know that this time a lot of states were affected by them.

Last time, we had lots of trees to clean up, several people in the area lost their lives, and nearly everyone in our county had damage. Lots of people are still trying to get new roofs from the last tornadoes we had, and those happened 11 months ago. This time, there was not as much damage to our county as a whole, but my in-laws' farm got hit pretty hard this time around.

This is my husband's grandma's house. Thankfully, she was not in it at the time. The Lord had his hand on all of them that day. If my mother in law hadn't come back from lunch 5 minutes early, she would have been coming out of the driveway right as this thing came through. 

 I think that out of all the damage that was done (we are talking about more than 80 trees down on one property) this tree was the most impressive. The tornado literally carved a hole in the middle of the tree and left it standing. The hole in the middle of the tree is big enough for me to walk through it! Not that I tried...this thing was hangin in by a thread!

 This is cool because none of us know any of the people in this picture. They just heard there was damage and they showed up to help. People came from everywhere with saws, bobcats, and one guy was even pulling trees out with his Jeep!

There is no way that we would have been able to get as much debris cleared out as we did without all the people who were so kind to come out and help. Thank you guys so much!!

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