Monday, March 5, 2012

The Praise-Worthy God

Today is my day to learn You as praise-worthy. I didn't need an introduction to You as the Praise-Worthy God, because You have been proving yourself to be just that my whole life. I did, however, need a reminder to praise You- just because of Who you are. 

All this time, You have proven yourself to be great, to be true, and to be the only One worthy of my praise. You never had to prove it to me, creation itself cries out Your praises. Yet you love showing me how wonderful You are. You delight in creating opportunities that remind me to look up and speak back to You your greatness.

I praise you, my Creator. I praise you because if I didn't, even the rocks would. I praise You because you made all of this...not for my enjoyment, but for Your glory. I praise you because You designed flowers that bloom in their seasons, even in the middle of destruction and ruin.

I praise you because You show the sun where to set in the evenings, and You bring the moon to shine over the night. I praise you because You know me so intimately. You know when I sit and when I rise, and you know my words and thoughts before they come out of my heart. I praise You, all-knowing God, because You have seen my future and You hold it in Your hand. 

I praise you because every bird in the sky is known by you, 
and You take care of me so much better!

I praise You because You made a way for me when I was sinful and lost forever. You moved justice out of the way and unleashed mercy over my brokenness. 

I praise You, Father God, because You are the only One worthy of all my praise.  

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