Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday


"Gratitude is the music of the heart, when its 
chords are swept by the breeze of kindness"
~ Author Unknown

21. The coolest tree I pass on my way to work every day.

22. Netflix - need I say more?

23. Blue skies on a weekend drive

24. The coolest old house in this city. Seriously it 
is the subject of many of my sketches and photographs.

25. Clean water, when so many a world away die from a lack of it. 

26. Reliable transportation

27. Cherry blossoms

28. DVR!!! This was a new upgrade for us. Technology blows my mind. 

29. The first time the backyard has been mowed all year! Looks so good!

And last but not least...
30. I'm thankful that the lady who lived here before us cared enough to plant flowers that come back every year, despite how bad the new owners are with flowers! ;)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Moth

He was sitting there, peacefully, in a nest of clover raised high by too much rain and time. One small moth, sitting blissfully unaware of the devastation happening at his small level. I grunted and pulled and wrestled the mower into position once more as fat sweat drops fell off the end of my nose.

This was the end of a long day. The type of day when I prayed for enough gas fumes to make it through mowing since our gas envelope sat empty inside the house. The weeds, ignored for far too long, graze my shins with each pass.

 As I neared his resting place, the blades chopped up and spit out stalk after stalk, leaving milkweeds to ooze in the dipping sunlight. As the wheels hit his nest, the moth shot out of the grass, dizzied and blindly trying to find the way up. Frantic, he slammed into the side of the mower over and over, unable to escape.

On a normal day, I would have pressed on. After all, what is a moth? They do me no good. They don't eat smaller bugs or scare off snakes. They are ugly to look at, and most nights I sit and listen to the cacophony of their bodies ricocheting off the porch lights left on too long. For some reason, today is different, and I am moved by his plight enough to still the mower and let it idle in place.

It strikes me then, that this small pitiful creature and I, we are after all very similar. You see, when I was ugly and had nothing to offer, One who is perfect and most beautiful took my place. There are still days, when I am cocooned in my own little nest, blissfully unaware of the devastation that is about to meet me head-on. I am left wounded and blind, groping for the surface. I fly left and right, come up choking and gasping for air. When all along, He asks me to only look up.

I am learning a lesson so simple that it's taught to children, yet so powerful that it's changing the way I see my Father and the rest of my life. That lesson is gratitude. I'm learning to praise, to give thanks, to look UP - even in the hard moments- because that's where you find joy. When I lift my eyes off my circumstance and onto the face of the One who is GOOD, even in my not yet, even in my hurts, suddenly my circumstances don't matter as much. I'm reminded what it is to be held, even in the middle of the storm.

"Gratitude bestows reverence, allowing us to encounter everyday epiphanies, those transcendent moments of awe that change forever how we experience life and the world."  - John Milton

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

It is good to praise the Lord 
and make music to Your name, O Most High,
proclaiming your love in the morning 
and your faithfulness at night.
Psalm 92:1-2

 1. An awesome massage I cashed in on this week. 
It was a Christmas present that I've been saving!

 2. McAlister's sweet tea. You will notice that the cup is empty...delicious!
 3. Our new TV and a fire made for a really lazy Saturday.

4. My crazy brothers. They are handsome though! 

 5. Homemade food I did not have to cook :)

 6. Good friends

7. My husband who makes me laugh. And driving with the windows down!

8. My honeysuckle candle. It smells sooo good!

 9. Stevi B's pizza (and good friends to eat it with!!). They make anything you want.
 I had loaded potato pizza. Yummy

10. My hedgehog Prickles. 
She's adorable! 

That's all for this week! I hope your Thursday is great!

Monday, March 19, 2012

The Missing Wallet

Linking with Linny for Memorial Box Monday!

This past Valentines Day, we were able to grab some tickets to a sold-out preview of a movie that would not come out for several weeks. My husband and I went together and we were so excited. There were tons of people in there, especially a lot of teenagers, and when I went to get food from the concession stand I had trouble juggling everything in my hands. My husband fished my purse out from under the seat and I dropped my wallet in. We finished the movie (it was great) and went home. 

The next day I stopped at Target on my way home from work to pick up a few things we needed and grab a baby shower present for my friend. I spent an hour and a half in the store trying to search through her registry and get all of the grocery items we needed. When I got to the checkout line, I went to grab my wallet out of my purse...and I came up empty handed. 

I panicked. That had so many things in it that would be tough to replace, not to mention the fact that if someone got a hold of my debit or credit card we would be in huge trouble on our tight budget!
I started racking my brain to figure out where I had lost it. There were so many places it could have fallen out of my purse! 

I decided the most likely place I lost it was work, but the most dangerous place I could have lost it was at the movies. I put my overflowing buggy in the clothes section of the store and raced for the movie theater, praying our loud the whole way. When I got there they ended up having to bring the manager out, but praise the Lord, he had my wallet in his hand! 

Someone found it, turned it in without even looking through it, and nothing was missing!! At this point, I decided I could either go back to Target and get my buggy or go home and try again another day. I figured that I didn't want to waste another whole evening at Target, so I raced back over there, praying that the employees hadn't re-stocked all the items in my cart. When I got back to Target, there was my buggy, sitting right where I left it, every single item in place. Not only that, this time around it was late enough in the evening that there were absolutely no lines at checkout!

This was the day that I learned to praise Him as the One who goes before me. He knew my need, even before I lost my wallet. He knew our tight budget and the cost we would face if the wrong person found my debit card. He knew that I needed those items in my buggy at Target that day. He was working everything out, even before I knew I had those needs. He is so GOOD to me!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Well, some of you probably remember the goals that I posted when I started this blog. If you don't remember, that's good because I haven't done all of them! One of my goals was to have some sort of regular posting schedule. As you can see, that's not happening so far. But I'd like to change that!

Welcome to the first ever Thankful Thursday post!
(yes I know it's's been a long week and my days got away from me!
From now on I'm going to try to get them out every Thursday)

Here are the things I'm thankful for, numbers 1-10.

1. I'm thankful for Instagram because it takes amazing pictures!

2. Spring days when you can open the doors and let the sunshine in!
4. The first day in a long time of no rain!

3. Blogs that encourage me to Him

5. The calendar my momma made me that makes me think
of home (and reminds me when birthdays are!!)

6. My journal and my Bible - because sometimes you need
to be reminded that the One who is faithful now has always been Faithful

7. The opportunity to give something away, and a friend to study the Word with!

8. The first time I've seen these flip flop friends in a long time!

9-10. My favorite little and his awesome birthday party!

There ya have it. Thankful Thursday, edition #1. Even if it did come a day late!

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Praise-Worthy God

Today is my day to learn You as praise-worthy. I didn't need an introduction to You as the Praise-Worthy God, because You have been proving yourself to be just that my whole life. I did, however, need a reminder to praise You- just because of Who you are. 

All this time, You have proven yourself to be great, to be true, and to be the only One worthy of my praise. You never had to prove it to me, creation itself cries out Your praises. Yet you love showing me how wonderful You are. You delight in creating opportunities that remind me to look up and speak back to You your greatness.

I praise you, my Creator. I praise you because if I didn't, even the rocks would. I praise You because you made all of this...not for my enjoyment, but for Your glory. I praise you because You designed flowers that bloom in their seasons, even in the middle of destruction and ruin.

I praise you because You show the sun where to set in the evenings, and You bring the moon to shine over the night. I praise you because You know me so intimately. You know when I sit and when I rise, and you know my words and thoughts before they come out of my heart. I praise You, all-knowing God, because You have seen my future and You hold it in Your hand. 

I praise you because every bird in the sky is known by you, 
and You take care of me so much better!

I praise You because You made a way for me when I was sinful and lost forever. You moved justice out of the way and unleashed mercy over my brokenness. 

I praise You, Father God, because You are the only One worthy of all my praise.  

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Tornadoes Again!

Well, we have been at it again. It seems like we barely get one mess cleaned up and another comes hurling in at 90 miles an hour. Literally. We have had another round of killer tornadoes this past friday. I know that this time a lot of states were affected by them.

Last time, we had lots of trees to clean up, several people in the area lost their lives, and nearly everyone in our county had damage. Lots of people are still trying to get new roofs from the last tornadoes we had, and those happened 11 months ago. This time, there was not as much damage to our county as a whole, but my in-laws' farm got hit pretty hard this time around.

This is my husband's grandma's house. Thankfully, she was not in it at the time. The Lord had his hand on all of them that day. If my mother in law hadn't come back from lunch 5 minutes early, she would have been coming out of the driveway right as this thing came through. 

 I think that out of all the damage that was done (we are talking about more than 80 trees down on one property) this tree was the most impressive. The tornado literally carved a hole in the middle of the tree and left it standing. The hole in the middle of the tree is big enough for me to walk through it! Not that I tried...this thing was hangin in by a thread!

 This is cool because none of us know any of the people in this picture. They just heard there was damage and they showed up to help. People came from everywhere with saws, bobcats, and one guy was even pulling trees out with his Jeep!

There is no way that we would have been able to get as much debris cleared out as we did without all the people who were so kind to come out and help. Thank you guys so much!!