Monday, February 13, 2012

A Roof Over Our Heads

It was early fall of 2010, and we were about to get married. We didn't know a whole lot then, (still don't!!)  but we were excited about this new chapter in our life that was about to unfold.

In all of the preparations for our new life together, my husband and I decided to look into buying a house instead of renting to start off with. We were so dumb. I was the only one with a job at that point, and I was working for my father-in-law. My husband's uncle is a banker though, and he told us he could get us approved for an FHA loan for a cheap house that we could still afford the payments on. 

So with that information in mind, we set out to look for a house. We were looking for a foreclosure, something small just to start out in. And we found it. It was the perfect little house. The couple before us had done some work on it and they had just run out of money. We were in love with this house. 

We made an offer on it. We signed all the paperwork, the realtor was confident we were going to get it, we were thrilled. Then, at the last minute, a guy who flips houses for a living came in and made an offer that was the same as ours, except he had cash. Needless to say, they accepted his offer and not ours. This cute little house that we wanted so badly, that we needed more than the other guy did, wouldn't be ours. We were crushed. Not to mention we didn't get the first time home-buyers tax credit we were hoping for!

God opened other doors for us (that's a memorial stones story for another day) and we ended up renting a house from some family members at a great price. 

About 6 months later, there was a series of very severe tornados that came through our little town.
Thankfully, the area where we lived in our rented house was completely unaffected, but there were others in our community that lost everything. Some even lost their lives. Many of these areas are still being cleaned up, almost a full year later. We didn't know it at the time, but by not getting the winning bid on that little house we loved so much, God was sparing us from so much loss, and preparing us for something so much bigger than we could have dreamed. 

Here is the neighborhood today where that cute little house was that we almost bought.

There are no more houses. There are no more trees. There are no more yards to play in. I took this picture a couple of weeks ago. This is almost a full year after the tornadoes and the houses still aren't rebuilt. There is just construction equipment. If we had moved into that house, who knows where we would have been living for the past year? We would have lost all the money we put into the house. 

Remember how I told you God had bigger plans for us? Check out this house that He allowed us to buy. It's three times the size of that first house. It's in a better location in town. It's closer to our jobs. And it's something we will live in for years instead of quickly outgrowing.  

Sure, the other house was cute, but God knew what we needed even better than we did. And He is always faithful. 

For the story behind Memorial Stones, check out the tab at the top of the page with the same name, or go to Linny's blog.

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