Friday, January 20, 2012

Second Post Ever...

Ok folks...I am really new to blogging, and I'm not the best at technology in general, so you guys are just going to have to bear with me while I figure some of this stuff out! I guess in the interest of accountability I should put some of my blog goals down here so that I will actually DO them!! It might take a while to get some of finished, but here we go:

* Put some tabs at the top of the blog or on the sidebar so that this is a little easier to navigate and I can categorize posts by what they are about.
* Beef up the section that talks about who I am a little bit (because I know that's the first place I go when I hit up a new blog)
*Learn how to add some pictures!! I've got great ones on my phone, I just have to figure out how to get them from phone to blog.
*I'd like to start some sort of blog routine, where I have certain things I write about on certain days.
*Start a link up list of the blogs I like to follow on the sidebar, especially some of the ones that don't show up in my dashboard. (Cause I want you guys to know about these awesome people too!)
*There are several blogs I follow that do a special Monday post. Some are other days of the week, but Monday seems to be a trend. This special post is different from blog to blog, but the general idea is that it's a post designed especially to give praise or thanks back to the Lord instead of focusing on situations in our lives. There is Capture Gratitude from Mandie Joy (, Memorial Box Mondays ( and Monday Morning Chai ( You get the idea. My plan is to do some sort of mix of those ideas, or maybe even create my own...even though I'm not that creative!

Well, there ya have it! Some goals to kick start this bloggy adventure. Sorry there are no breath-taking pictures in this post...I'll refer you to goal #3.

Have a great weekend!!

**Update: It's only been a couple of days...and I have actually figured out how to do most of these! Hooray!

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